GE’s smart-meter profiteering

General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt must be channeling SNL’s Chico Escuela these days as:

Obama stimulus been berry, berry good to GE.

GE announced today that utility giant American Electric Power (AEP) will purchase 110,000 smart meters from GE. And just how is AEP managing to buy all these smart meters? President Obama and Congress are making us pay for them.

On Sep. 1, AEP applied to the Department of Energy for $75 million in federal stimulus money for the smart meter purchase.

It’s a good thing that GE’s Immelt sits on Barack Obama’s Economic Recovery Advisory Board — how else would the Department of Energy know to direct smart meter purchases to GE?

Of course, AEP isn’t the only conduit for sending federal stimulus money to GE. So far about 50 utilities have applied to DOE for a piece of the almost $4 billion in stimulus money earmarked for smart meter projects. Did we mention:

Obama stimulus been berry, berry good to GE.

BTW, the $75 million will create about 500 jobs over a three year period, says AEP — why that’s only $150,000 per job in Ohio where the average income is slightly less than $48,000.

Obama stimulus been berry, berry good to GE.
Obama stimulus been berry, berry good to GE.

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19 thoughts on “GE’s smart-meter profiteering”

  1. GE is a major investor in Al Gore’s Generation Investment Management (GIM). Al Gore will profit from GE’s profits from government handouts that Al Gore lobbied so hard to get. Can anyone spell “conflict of interest”. Al Gore is poised to become a very rich man from govt handouts and assorted similar “investments”.

  2. Steven I think your criticism of GE is fair, but it`s clearly lacking in context.

    Where`s your post criticizing the states for their continuing grant of monopoly status to “public utilities”, which is the chief reason why there is no free market in providing power to consumers? With a free markets, we`d have seen smart meters like GE`s years ago, and there would be no basis for all of these “green power” mandates.

  3. Obama does not have the cahonas(sp) to cancel the election nor does he have the horsepower. Somehow GE should go the way of all corrupt organizations. Disassemble it and eliminate all senior management.

  4. Let’s not go off the deep end, there are going to be elections in 2010! Trying to cancel them would cause a widespread revolt.

  5. If there IS a “next election”.

    I think the chances are greater than 50-50 that this Mack Daddy will conjure up some excuse to CANCEL the 2010 and all further elections in the name of “national security” or fighting all those “terrorists” such as ALL our veterans!!

    “Con’gress” will do nothing since they benefit from not having to stand for re-election. And perhaps Mack Daddy may even be declared “Dictator for Life” and “Con’gress” may just go away after voting themselves enormous pensions and benefits.

    Of course, this WILL make contact on the Yamamoto Button and the shit will hit the fan. Whether it will be revolution by the People, a military takeover (to restore The Constitution) or a combination of both, I do not know.

    But this is all the doing of the Currency Internationale, resident in Basel, Switzerland (e.g., the BIS) and they do NOT reckon with American after that Button has been pushed. As we have seen, Japan certainly did not.

  6. OBAMA IS A CROOK……………

    We have never had this much corruption in the white house that is in the open site of the Public.

    The people are getting madder and madder.

    We must continue to bond together to punish the crooks and vote them all out of office in the next election.

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