18 thoughts on “Draft Boxer bill available here!”

  1. “To create clean energy jobs, promote energy independence, reduce global
    warming pollution, and transition to a clean energy economy”

    from the first page of Kerry-Boxer – that’s mighty damn grandiose –

    the hell with term limits, we need prison

  2. I haven’t read the whole thing yet, but,from what I have read,the person who wrote it should be tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail. The document is so disjointed it may have been written by Boxer.

  3. This is typical black magick. While we are all opposing the GD healthcare “reform” they are working with their right hands, their left hands will slime other outrageous tyranny through with their left (BLACK) hands, such as this piece of crap.

    “Obama”, the Mack Daddy is NOT a legal sitting president. Hence, no bill he signs can legally become law. Some of us are going to have to engage in civil disobedience that will put us in Court where we should be able to use Discovery to get his real Hawaiian long form birth certificate, and all his school records too. But that will only happen if the “government” does not then drop all charges against you and even offer you hush money to behave. THE GOVERNMENT IS BEHAVING JUST LIKE THIS RIGHT NOW!!!

    Gerald Celente, the forensic futurist, says we are the in beginning phases of the Second American Revolution right now, and that times ahead will be tough, but we can make it even tougher on the Currency Internationale, devil worshipers, that are trying to destroy what is left of our Nation. Time will tell, but I think “they” are getting ready to push the Yamamoto Button, and we all know what happened to Japan after that.

  4. 11) Restriction of the use of certain roads, or
    11 lanes, by vehicles other than passenger buses and
    12 high-occupancy vehicles.
    13 ‘‘(12) Reduction of vehicle idling, including
    14 idling associated with freight management, construction 15, transportation, and commuter operations.
    16 ‘‘(13) Policies to encourage the use of retrofit
    17 technologies and early replacement of vehicles, en18
    gines, and equipment to reduce transportation-re19
    lated greenhouse gas emissions from existing mobile
    20 sources. Sounds like we will be not allowed to use the highway system to go to work in our sedans unless we have a passenger capacity of at least 12 people (my guess) so we are going to have all of this to stop private use of motor vehicles only those approved will be allowed I would think that only those approved will be the ones that make Goldman Sachs or the senators and congress rich. Welcome to water world people! Those of us with old cars and trucks can keep them if we spend much money on retrofitting them,any one have an extra ten grand to do that with ?

  5. “To carry out this subsection, there are authorized to
    3. be appropriated such sums as may be necessary”. Boy howdy that is a mouth full, no dollar amount at all just as much as they need, it is becoming apparent that Boxer and Waxman have no idea of what they are doing , this bill with what little I have read has so much double speak it is almost impossible to find a logical statement in it. Are we in for a bad next 30 or 50 years, with this bill no one will be able to do much more then walk to or cycle to where they need to go. The infrastructure for the proposed bike ways would bankrupt most governments to build them, much less keep them in good repair, can you say pot hole, and with a bike it would cause some serious injury, can you say universal health care? the whole bill I will try my best to read , I am not a scholar by no means but have dealt with contracts for many years . We have the sorriest people in charge now it is like having the dope heads of Wood stock in charge now .

  6. This has to be stopped in it’s tracks!! Still cap and con by another name. Adolescent subterfuge! We are not fools, Boxer.

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