Calif. and Mass. out to screw America?

The House passed Waxman-Markey climate bill was co-authored by California’s Rep. Henry Waxman and Massachusetts’ Rep. Ed Markey.

The just-introduced Kerry Boxer climate bill was co-authored by California’s Sen. Barbara Boxer and Massachusetts’ Sen. John Kerry.

What do California and Massachusetts have against the rest of America?

3 thoughts on “Calif. and Mass. out to screw America?”

  1. California and Massachusetts have caused more trouble in this Nation, especially since WWII, than all other states combined. Poison is implanted or conjured, especially in California, and then it flows from west to east, into the whole Nation, and then it collects, especially in Massachusetts.

    I suggest we oust both of them from the Union and when we bring our troops home from the middle east, we militarily conquer BOTH these rotten corrupt bastards, and run them under martial law. We can then take whatever we need from them, seeing that the people of each state get the benefit and that all their politicians get put into their worst prisons. Of course, we will still keep the Pacific Fleet Naval Base at San Diego, unless we decide to move it to Oregon or Washington, which could be done.

  2. As is the fashion of true socialist-authoritarians, they feel they know what is best for everybody else. Never mind that some consideration of the consequences of their acts reveals their irrationality. They do whatever “feels good”, on credit of course, with the bills to be paid by the Capitalists. The problem is that Socialism can only work as long as the Capitalists can afford to pay for it.

  3. Quoting:
    “What do California and Massachusetts have against the rest of America?”

    Massachusetts has no oil or gas resources (that they know of) so they want to punish those who work to develop own their natural resources. Mass. refuses to develop their offshore wind resources because it’s not pretty. All the while, they use up the resources of others.

    California has an abundance of oil to such an extent that it actually oozes out of the ground and seafloor over most of the state. They refuse, however, to exploit their easy and abundant resources. California also refuses to develop their vast solar abundance because deserts are more important than their citizens. They wish to punish those who do exploit their own. All the while, they use other’s resources.

    The common element: parasitism

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