Non-surprise of the day: GE’s PCB clean-up makes Hudson River worse

The green-forced “clean-up” by General Electric of PCBs in Hudson River sediments has — to no one’s surprise — backfired.

As predicted by everyone with an ounce of common sense, GE’s dredging stirred up the formerly entombed PCBs. EPA water-test results revealed that PCB levels in the river exceed safety limits.

Chalk up another green disaster, courtesy of:

  • RFK Jr, Planetary Zero. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and his activist group Riverkeeper pressured GE to undertake the clean-up. Ironically, Time magazine had declared Kennedy one of its “Heroes of the Planet” for his Hudson River activism.
  • Corporate Neville Chamberlain-ism. GE CEO Jeffrey Immelt who, in hopes of appeasing the greens, reversed former CEO Jack Welch’s policy against dredging.
  • Your gooberment at work. The EPA, which in forcing GE to dredge sediments that should have been left alone, failed its eponymous mission — environmental protection.

And now, we’re on the verge of turning over energy policy — via the Waxman-Markey climate bill — to these very same people?

Click here for New York Times coverage.

10 thoughts on “Non-surprise of the day: GE’s PCB clean-up makes Hudson River worse”

  1. Watch for the survivors of the “miracle of the Hudson” to take every imagined malady to tort lawyers to sue GE (but not Riverkeeper of the EPA) for stirring up the PCBs and causing whatever condition they think they developed after getting dunked in the river.

  2. Jack Welch took 20 – 30 years to build a superior corporation envied by all. Immelt is taking monthes to tear it down. As far as RFK jr. is concerned, like most of the so-called do gooders he does not have a clue nor any common sense.

  3. I’ll bet our “friends” at Time won’t cover this one. As for the rest, what can you say when Oblubba appoints as his science adviser some crackpot Ph.D. (and they always seem to find the nut cases, not the Ph.D.s who have common sense and really do their things correctly) who co-authored a “gummint” policy manual that states that 90% of the world’s population has to go, that is to say, genocided, murdered. Of course this Ph.D., and the coven of “Ph.D.s” he has created have almost turned this into a religion, and in fact, radical environmentalism looks to me like a religion. But I do love it when a nation like India shows their “missionaries” the door.

  4. wait till we have Co2 sequestered and they start messing around the area and release it all at one time ,. many people will be off the tax payers rolls because they will die . I have one more item to say and it is about children when they do stupid things I retort that “if they had a brain they would take it out and play with it.” this pretty much sums up the environmental movement, sort of like a a bowel movement also because it stinks when they are finished.

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