Gasoline refiners crippled by Waxman-Markey

From Reuters:

Ailing U.S. oil refiners could face a crippling period of contraction under a House-approved climate change bill, making the country more dependent on imported refined products…

The bill is “going to put them out of business,” said Phil Flynn, analyst at PFGBest Research in Chicago. “I think you’re going to see refiners close down, especially in this environment we’re in right now.”

One thought on “Gasoline refiners crippled by Waxman-Markey”

  1. Between Waxman-Markey and Obama health care our beloved government is trying to shut down the entire country. And no one in congress read Waxman-Markey before they voted on it. Maybe it’s time we shut down the government so that we, the citizens of this country, can survive.

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