Americans to spend $15K per home, business replacing ‘perfectly good’ electricity meters, says Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments smart-meter marketing director Mark Buccini told SmartGridToday that,

Legislation is driving replacement [of electricity meters]. Perfectly good mechanical meters are being replaced [with smart meters]… In the past, a mechanical meter wasn’t replaced until it wore out. That changes the opportunity for us…

Buccini estimated that 500 million meters will be replaced in the next decade at a cost of $750 million per year — that’s $15,000 per meter change.

That’s just the beginning. Buccini said that “adjacent markets” — i.e., in-home displays, programmable thermostats, direct response (DR) units, distributed generation and plug-in vehicle technology] almost doubles the market to $1.4 billion per year.

Smart meters and adjacent technology are little more than a way for the government to monitor your electricity use and then to ration electricity to you via your local utility. It is an expensive and needless insult to Americans.

5 thoughts on “Americans to spend $15K per home, business replacing ‘perfectly good’ electricity meters, says Texas Instruments”

  1. Let’s see now: $750 million per year x 10 years / 500 million meters = $7500/(500 meters) = $15/meter. Does Buccini know what he is talking about. $15000 is way too much and $15/meter is too little. Even 500 million meters seems too many.

  2. What are the anticipated costs between now and 2012? After that this big lying thieving snake of an administration will have it’s head cut off and sanity will be restored. These are the only costs we need concern ourselves with…

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