Will Obama sacrifice the EIA’s credibility?

Carbon Control News reports that,

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is hoping to complete within the next few weeks an analysis of the massive House climate bill that could reshape the climate debate and ultimately determine the stance of several hesitant lawmakers…

Moderate Democrats from coal-reliant states are among those being most fiercely courted by climate bill backers, and they likely will be looking for some reassurance from EIA that implementing a cap-and-trade program will not cause their constituents’ electricity rates to sky rocket.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH), a key fence-sitter, said avoiding “a spike in energy prices” was one of his top two concerns with the House legislation. “I don’t think we’re entirely there, for coal states,” he told reporters July 7.

We predict that the Obama administration will force the EIA to cast aside its objectivity and provide the “reassurance” that wobbly Democratic Senators seek.

6 thoughts on “Will Obama sacrifice the EIA’s credibility?”

  1. spren,

    they are relying on the public’s apathetical ignorance and the politician’s penchant for lucrative payoffs to get this bill passed.

  2. The ‘reassurance’ portrayed by the current administration is always b.s. designed to make you feel good…until you realize you just got it ‘broke off in you’.

  3. This is really a stupid game. How could electricity (and all other forms of energy prices) do anything but dramatically increase. Isn’t that the VERY purpose of all this nonsense legislation? If the prices don’t increase then use will not be curtailed.

    Are these people really that stupid, or do they just think that we are?

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