U.S. investors not sweating global warming

From Bloomberg:

…almost two-thirds of U.S. investors say climate change is a minor danger or “no real threat,” according to the first Quarterly Bloomberg Global Poll.

But European and Asian investors hold the opposite view:

In Europe and Asia, Bloomberg users are “more concerned about their governments taking too little action,” [pollster Ann Selzer] said. “In the U.S., the common response is fear government will take too much action.”

It just goes to show that Europeans and Asians learned nothing from the 20th century.

One thought on “U.S. investors not sweating global warming”

  1. They actually learned one thing:

    How to take a backseat to us in the power structure. And given their willing assimilation to propagandist rhetoric of ill-intentioned power grabs (Hitler, Pol Pot, the Taliban, Al Gore, etc), it looks like this will continue for another century. In fact I am quite at a loss to explain those who advocate playing along with the politics of these nations whose political track records are heavily scarred with the markings of failure.

    The US will come to its senses in the 11th hour and there will be no climate legislation. I think we can all see it unfolding. And it won’t be long before the saddled economies of these nations that do take the bait return to their rightful place in our backseat. This country tests my patience sometimes, but I’d still take a stupid American over an enlightened European any day.

    It’s good to (still) be king…

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