Inhofe to Boxer: Hold hearings on actual bill

Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) wrote to Senate Environment and Public Works chairman Barbara Boxer demanding that the Senate hold hearings on the specific provisions of a climate bill rather than on general climaterrata:

Inhofe wrote,

…our constituents have a right to know specifically how this legislation will affect them and this requires hearings on the specific legislation and provisions we will consider.

Click here for the release and letter.

2 thoughts on “Inhofe to Boxer: Hold hearings on actual bill”

  1. Why bother? The idea that most of our elected officials are actually representing the will of their constituents is a joke. They are only enriching themselves while posing for photo ops that create the opposite appearance. The vote in the house on this bill in no way represented results of polls that show that the total lack of public interest or trust in the alleged “Impending Climate Catastrophe”. It was about 60/40 in favor, while polls show the US population being about 75/25 against. But if our representatives continue to vote against the will of their constituents, while simultaneously being re-elected repeatedly, then James Inhofe needs to realize that no appeal to reason is going to have much effect. This country is already lost. And James Inhofe needn’t worry about the blame being cast on failures on his part. The citizens of this country have given this country away for handouts and fancy doublespeak, and they will have to own the outcome. At least folks like James Inhofe and myself, who lament this inevitibility, have the means to make an exit before it ALL comes crashing down. My plans are reaching fruition as we speak.

    Margaret Thatcher said the only difference between Socialism and Communism is with Communism you need to have the commitment to man the barricades. The only thing James Inhofe needs to concern himself with at this point, is getting out before they start manning the barricades. When you see people immigrating BACK to Mexico, you know that day is not far off…

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