Hybrid irony: More accident-, ticket-prone

From CarConnection.com, the unintended consequences of hybrids:

  • Toyota Prius drivers get 50% more traffic violations than the average driver.
  • Collision costs with hybrids are about 17% higher than average.
  • For 2006 hybrid models, insurer costs were 75% higher than average.

The apparent explanation lies in the fact that hybrid owners drive about 25% more than non-hybrid owners — you know, using up all the pre-paid gasoline built into the higher sticker price of hybrids.

… and that’s “the lo-down on hybrid cars,” as Traffic might have sung.

4 thoughts on “Hybrid irony: More accident-, ticket-prone”

  1. It is nothing less than simple arrogance.

    The average hybrid driver is a freaky little dweeb that for the first time in his life feels smarter than anyone and entitled.

    South Park has done some wonderful episodes about clouds of “smug” coming from southern California to cripple the town with “smug” brought by Prius drivers. It figures.

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