Hillary Clinton: Ugly American?

During her visit to India to persuade that country to join in a new global warming treaty, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stopped at the undistinguished brick-and-sandstone headquarters of the hotel division of Indian tobacco giant ITC Ltd. The building’s L-shaped design maximizes natural lighting which reduces energy use and makes the building “green.”

As the Washington Post reported,

Clinton likened the squat, plain-looking building — which was constructed with U.S. assistance — to a new version of the Taj Mahal, grandly declaring it was “a monument to the future.”

But if Hillary thinks that this…


… is the new this…


… then it’s no wonder that the India rejected her pleas to reduce its emissions and forego improvement in its standard of living.

2 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Ugly American?”

  1. maybe Clinton needs glasses. Three cheers for India and China for giving the greenies the bird!

  2. Any Nation that says not only “no”, but “HELL NO” to the “Greens” deserves our encouragement and support!!!

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