Hero of the day: Sen. John Barrasso

Energy and Environment Daily reports in “Barrasso makes a name for himself fighting EPA, climate bill” that

Sen. Ben Cardin (D-Md.), a [Senate Environment and Public Works Committee] member, predicted that [Sen. John Barrasso (R-WY)] will play a “very active role” in the climate change debate.

“I think Senator Barrasso clearly not only understands the issue, has taken the time to try to read up on it,” Cardin said. “He’s personally visited a lot of places. He’s made this a priority. … We may not agree with him on a particular topic, but he is well prepared and he certainly represents his view very effectively.”

Sen. Cardin was much more gracious than Committee Chairman Barbara Boxer (D-CA) who “was not as kind,” according to E&E:

By teaming up with [Sen. James Inhofe] and other GOP critics of the administration’s climate policies, “He has positioned himself with the very radical deniers,” Boxer said.

Welcome to the club, Sen. Barrasso.

2 thoughts on “Hero of the day: Sen. John Barrasso”

  1. For each promise that a democrat makes to spend all of our money and turn the US into the USSA, the temperature will go down by exactly… WAIT! How many votes is this worth?

  2. Could we ask Senators that they take and pass an IQ test? I read somewhere too much botox caused brain disease.

    So how much will the temperature go down for each trillion in new taxes?

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