Germans hoard incandescents ahead of ‘light bulb socialism’

From Spiegel:

As the Sept. 1 deadline for the implementation of the first phase of the EU’s ban on incandescent light bulbs approaches, shoppers, retailers and even museums are hoarding the precious wares — and helping the manufacturers make a bundle…

But — like laws on bent cucumbers — many have mocked the light bulb legislation as just another example of an EU bureaucracy gone wild. Holger Krahmer, for example, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP) from Germany’s business-friendly FDP party has accused the EU of imposing ‘light bulb socialism’.”

4 thoughts on “Germans hoard incandescents ahead of ‘light bulb socialism’”

  1. Energy efficient light bulbs are the easiest first step consumers and businesses can take towards reducing their energy consumption. Products have gotten light years better in the past few years and, in my eyes, indisputably better for 99% of applications. Both CFL and LED light bulbs run much cooler than incandescent bulbs, use energy much more efficiently, and do offer saving on your electricity bill. I am a vendor of energy efficient bulbs, so perhaps I am a bit biased, but I don’t know why everyone doesn’t switch today.

  2. The reason German government is on plan to ban the incandescent light bulbs because they are just not bright enough and that they falsely colors too.

  3. In the US at least, it’s more like fascism-the open collaboration between GE and the Federal government is very disturbing to me-and of course it is GE which makes all those CFL’s you see in the stores now…

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