Waxman climate bill: A ‘de facto’ coal ban

The Washington, DC consulting firm Clear View Energy Partners says the recently introdcued Waxman-Markey climate bill is a “de facto ban” on new coal-fired power plants, according to a report in today’s Carbon Control News.

Waxman-Markey would impose “a major barrier on the construction of new facilities without carbon capture and storage facilities,” CVEP told CCN.

Click here for more info on carbon capture and storage.

Click here for the Waxman-Markey bill.

6 thoughts on “Waxman climate bill: A ‘de facto’ coal ban”

  1. Before I’m accused of cooking the books, here are the corrected Electric numbers.
    The chart resolution makes 8’s and 3’s looke loke 6’s and 0’s.

    Electricity Sector
    Coal 52%
    Nat. Gas 16%
    Nukes 21%
    Hydro 7.2%
    Geo, Wind, Solar, Bio 2.8%

  2. Take a look at these energy use figures.
    Almost everything we use is either fossil fuel or nukes
    All transport is fossil fueled (even the tiny amount of electricity is mostly fossil)
    Bio energy is used mostly by industry – uncoerced and effiiciently.

    Try to imagine the shear scale and cost of replacing the vast majority of all energy sources.

    Source Lawrence Livermore Energy Use 2006

    Total Energy Use
    Oil 40%
    Coal 22.5%
    Nat Gas 22.5%
    Nuclear 8.2%
    Bio 3.2%
    Hydro 3.0%
    Geo, Wind, Solar 0.6%

    Electricity Sector
    Coal 52%
    Nat. Gas 21%
    Nukes 20%
    Hydro 7.5%
    GeoWindSolarBio 0.5%

    Transport Sector
    Oil 98%
    Gas 1.7%
    Electric 0.03%

    Industry Sector
    Oil 39%
    Nat Gas 32%
    Electric 14%
    Coal 7.8%
    Bio 7.6%

  3. If its not all about more tax money (ha ha) why not commit every dollar obtaoned from cap and trade to reducing the SS (so it impacts more people not jsut evil rich like me)tax rate?

    Washington doesn’t give a damn about the environment — they want more of your money without passing a tax increase

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