US Airlines: CO2 regulation not necessary

The Air Transport Association, the trade association for U.S. airline industry, told Carbon Control News this week that it didn’t “think that an emissions trading scheme is necessary.”

Instead of CO2 controls, the ATA said, policymakers should seek to modernize the government-run air traffic control system — which by some estimates could reduce airline fuel usage by around 10 percent — before penalizing the industry in the form of mandatory CO2 controls, according to Carbon Control News.

2 thoughts on “US Airlines: CO2 regulation not necessary”

  1. At least somebody representing a business is give cap & tax some thought, even if there’s probably some rent-seeking….

  2. The greater truth to be told is that the airline industry doesn’t contribute to any problem the world has. Instead of bowing before the alter of political correctness they should say it outright in exactly these words, “The problem is a fraud to begin with.”

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