4 thoughts on “Politico: Labor, greens team up”

  1. The alliance can also be one of convenience. Environmentalists and unions need allies to accomplish their goals.

  2. Union folks and environmentalists can each be skeptical of management. This must be their affinity and grounds for alliance.

  3. Being an involuntary (MD is NOT a right to work state) rank & file member of MCGEO (Montgomery County, MD’s bureaucrat union) I’d say this union worker is NOT really this stupid. I know personally of but one other like-minded County employee, but he’s in management. Both of us are regarded as lunatics when we speak up.

    My observation is that many of my
    MCGOE brothers and sisters might be this stupid. But then I’m speaking of a fairly typical public employees union, where many members are decidedly LEFT and credulous of the Gorebull warming stupidity.

    I’d hazard a guess that there’s a big disconnect between many members INDUSTRIAL unions and their leaders. Though don’t expect the big unions to ‘fess up.

    Gotta remember that unions are going concerns too: lack of dues income means less for the fat cats at the top who are mostly LEFT wingers as are their pals, the professional environmental activists.

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