Green war against AC: ‘Deadly heat on elderly’

From the Herald Sun‘s Andrew Bolt:

The green jihad against airconditioners must stop. Too many elderly Australians have died already.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Dr John Carnie, this week said some 374 Victorians may have been killed by the January heat wave, most of them old.

In South Australia, the toll is estimated at 80.

Just how many died because power blackouts knocked out their airconditioning is not known. And I doubt either government will ever say.

But what we are told is that both states now have plans to cut off the airconditioning – or make it too costly for pensioners to use – just when the heat is at its most lethal and the lives of the elderly hang in the balance…

Barack Obama plans on installing 40 million air conditioning-killing smart meters across America. Will your utility turn off your AC just when you need it the most?

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