Eco-terrorists dump chemicals in bid to halt power plant

A manifesto allegedly from the eco-terrorist group Earth First! claims to have dumped mercury and chemical solvents at the Plainfield, CT site of a proposed wood-burning power plant, reports the local NBC affiliate.

Although an Earth First! spokesman denied the dumping, Connecticut officials reportedly have found three areas of the site that are contaminated with unidentified substances.

Earth First!’s credo is:

“We believe in using all the tools in the toolbox, from grassroots and legal organizing to civil disobedience and monkeywrenching. When the law won’t fix the problem, we put our bodies on the line to stop the destruction.”

2 thoughts on “Eco-terrorists dump chemicals in bid to halt power plant”

  1. Mercury is some nasty stuff.

    As expected it is the Greens themselves who will prove that this whole charade is about policy first and not really Earth first.

    If they were so altruistically interested in the fate of the Earth over all else, they wouldn’t be contaminating the ground with mercury, no matter what the reason. Quite to the contrary, if this mercury gets near any in-use groundwater supply, they may be guilty of a huge environmental catastrophe.

    “I see your true colors shining through…”

  2. So….lying to keep your butt out of jail isn’t in the toolbox, even though illegal activities are?

    Does anyone else detect a credibility gap?

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