Seattle to vote on plastic bag fees reports that Seattle residents will vote in August on whether to impose on themselves a 20-cent surcharge for plastic shopping bags.

Does a surcharge make sense?

Here’s what a GreenHellBlog commenter had to say:

In point of fact, the plastic bags are made from waste gases that would be burned off on the waste stack (that big flaming torch you see at refineries). Instead, it is sequestered in the bags and put back in the Earth where it came from. If you actually believe in the Great Carbon Swindle then the plastic bags are your Earth Mother-God’s savior. The rest of us just enjoy their convenience. I recycle them as waste basket liners before trashing them, finally.

A manager at a plastic bag company said,

Plastic bags will degrade in about 1.5 years in a litter situation… For some reason, and I do not understand why, irresponsible environmental groups are trying to rid the use of plastic bags. Responsible use and recycling is the answer. Period. Plastic bags use less energy to produce and transport, they are 100 percent recyclable, there is virtually no pollution involved with there manufacturing, and they create thousands of well-paying U.S. jobs.

Take action:

Seattle residents should vote ‘no’ on the plastic bag surcharge.

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