New green target: Car colors

California is working to reduce your choice in car colors in the name of green.

Carbon Control News reported today that California regulators have proposed that car makers use so-called “cool” paints to reduce the interior temperature of cars, thereby reducing air conditioning use and, consequently, improving gas mileage.

Automakers say such a regulation would:

  • Eliminate a significant number of vehicle colors (e.g., black paint and dark metallic colors would essentially be banned, representing 40 percent of sales for some manufacturers);
  • Raise costs for manufacturers and consumers — about $1.2 billion annually; and
  • Increase CO2 emissions because of forced changes in the painting process and increased vehicular weight.

You may only be able to buy white/light-colored cars, but what about Al Gore (check out this video) and the other green elites?

5 thoughts on “New green target: Car colors”

  1. Obviously the California “Leaders” have not really looked into the ideas they espouse. Wonders never end. If they had looked into it they would have found that using “Scientific Methods”, (unknown to liberals) to study the problem, they would have found that the amount of tint on the windows is more of a determining factor for passenger cabin temperatures than the color paint of the car. Studies have shown that a white car with little or no tint, including having the windows cracked 2 inches, will still be at a much higher interior temperature than a black car with good window tint with the windows closed. Hard to believe but still true, the reason is really quite simple. Most cars have very good foam insulation in the doors, roof, flooring, and everywhere to help deaden sound. It works wonders keeping out the heat. Keeping the heat out is all that really matters since the vehicle will produce gobs of free heat for the winter time. If they “really” want to make a difference then they would mandate “tinted” windows. But then again, liberals and logic don’t really go together very well.

  2. In colder climates than California, light colors can be banned, so as to increase heat within cars. Automakers can readily tailor car colors so as to conform to State by State preferences. Some consumers probably already think about reflectivity of colors when they choose an automobile. This is probably not a big deal.
    However, is it an over-enthusiastic, meddling intrusion by a State government?

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