Greens to Pepsi: Not less plastic, no plastic

The Wall Street Journal reported today that,

PepsiCo Inc. is reducing the amount of plastic it uses to package its bottled water in the U.S., the latest step by a beverage company to portray itself as environmentally conscious as sales of bottled water slip.

What was the response from the greens?

Gigi Kellett, national director of a “Think Outside the Bottle Campaign” for Corporate Accountability International, an organization that urges consumers to drink tap water, said a lighter bottle is welcome. But she said she’s concerned about “putting a green veneer on a plastic bottle.”

“Bottled water is costly for the environment, our pocketbooks and our public water systems,” Ms. Kellett said.

Two points:

  1. Corporate America has yet to learn that it will never make the greens happy. It will never be “green” enough as the greens keep moving the goalposts.
  2. The greens won’t stop with bottled water — they’re coming after other bottled beverages as well. Soft drinks, after all, are just flavored bottled water.

Steve Milloy’s new book Green Hell: How Environmentalists Plan to Control Your Life and What You Can Do to Stop Them spotlights how the greens are using capitalists to destroy capitalism.

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