Greens attack NY Times over skeptic article

The ever-intolerant greens attacked the New York Times Magazine for daring to publish a cover story about eminent Princeton physicist and global warming skeptic Freeman Dyson.

Media Matters criticized the Times for sending a “sports and music writer to do a science writer’s job.” The self-proclaimed media watchdog apparently feels that someone like NY Times climate propagandist Andrew Revkin would have been a better choice to write the sort of hatchet job on Dyson that it seems to have wanted.

It’s been quite a weekend for the New York Times. First there was Saturday’s front-page story trashing CFLs and then the Dyson cover piece on Sunday.

Maybe it’s dawning on Times publisher Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. that there is no future in being the mouthpiece-of-record for the Loony Left.

4 thoughts on “Greens attack NY Times over skeptic article”

  1. Yes, bravo to Freeman Dyson. He and a handful of others are all that is standing between us and the environmentalist’s desire to send us back to the stone age.

  2. Dyson sets a marvelous example. He is person of great learnedness and stature. A profile in courage.

    May Dyson inspire more scientists to speak out about the absurd theory of CO2-induced catastrophic global warming.

  3. God Bless Freeman Dyson. His first name says it all.

    Hopefully, there will be many more like him.

    A pox on the house of the intolerant dogmatic warmists who won’t countenance any dissent from their religious screeds.

    We will take follow Dyson’s example and remain free and independent thinkers.

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