At-risk youth go green in California

MSNBC reports that,

Hundreds of California at-risk students may become part of the green economy if they sign up for the state’s new “green corps,” which the governor launched Monday.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made the announcement just after meeting with President Obama’s Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis in Sacramento.

If this is about jobs, that’s fine. If this is about taking “troubled youth” and turning them into green automatons, that’s quite another matter.

One thought on “At-risk youth go green in California”

  1. Actually, its about blatantly slapping the face of state workers who have lost jobs or seen considerable cutbacks in pay or hours, coupled with tax increases.

    Why were their jobs cut? Huge budget deficits that had the state budget paralyzed for months, while both sides deliberated over where to make cuts to stop losses. And apparently in so doing, thousands of state workers were deemed expendible, while the money being spent here, to create the new Nazi youth corps (Hitler indoctrinated his youth to animal rights), was apparently deemed indispensable.

    Arnold we had high hopes for you, but in the end you did exactly what you swore never to do and opened our state’s collective buttholes to Green special interests. Even at the expense of basic services. Transgressions for which this state’s legislature will pay dearly come election day. If all the victims of your gratuitous porking haven’t already moved out of state by then…

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