Fake Nobel prize taken away from George Mason prof who asked for RICO investigation of climate skeptics

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Recycling (is) Garbage

In 1996 John Tierney wrote in the NY Times Magazine about the failure of recycling.  His update in today’s column doesn’t change much of anything but the date. Continue reading

Another EPA biofuels lie pointed out

John, a commenter, pointed out and linked to the EPA claim that ethanol caused no net CO 2 emissions increase.

Well let me count the lies.

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Sel Graham on the EPA Carbon Dioxide liar’s club

Sel has always, as an petrol reserves engineer and lawyer, been all over the silly EPA claims on fuels and carbon dioxide. He is my friend and ally.

Here’s his latest column. He writes regularly for a local newspaper.

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Physics challenge–a theory for everything and anything

Richard Feynman was frustrated.

It continues to defy.

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An ozone dog bites man story

Would you be surprised if the top California air official didn’t back the new ozone NAAQS?  Continue reading

I’d bet that Defunding Climate Change doesn’t mean giving up your high carbon lifestyle

A group of elite, enlightened folks met to announce they were defunding climate change by divesting in fossil fuels.  Leonardo di Caprio was there, so you know it is righteous.  Continue reading

Let’s pass a law making it illegal for the climate to change

In the propaganda run up for COP21 we now have 10 food companies telling lawmakers they must act on climate change.  Continue reading