FACT SHEET: EPA’s Claim That Its Coal Plant CO2 Rules Will Save Lives By Reducing Particulate Matter Emissions Is False

You may submit this information to EPA by December 1, 2014 as a public comment. A PDF of this fact sheet is here. Continue reading

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Patrick Moore: We Need More Carbon Dioxide, Not Less

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

My thanks to Patrick Moore, co-founder and ex Greenpeace leader, and since 1986 ‘the sensible environmentalist’, for his permission to repost this article printed in the Australian recently. The name of Patrick’s own venture - Ecosense reflects his logical and humanist approach to the climate debate.

Patrick Moore: We Need More Carbon Dioxide, Not Less


Australian politics has been more influenced by the climate debate than any other country. Yet Australia is responsible for only 1.5 per cent of global CO2 emissions. Perhaps this speaks of Australia’s extraordinary commitment to the international community. Yet Australia has threatened to hobble its own economy while much larger ­nations take a pass while making pious pronouncements.

I am sceptical that humans are the main cause of climate change, and that it will be catastrophic in the near future. There is no scientific proof of this hypothesis, yet we are told “the debate is over”…

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An amazing display of arrogance

EPA’s proposed ground level ozone standards are a combination of arrogance, lack of science and wishful thinking.  Continue reading

Well ain’t we something–we have devoted ourselves to the welfare state

I live in a conservative central Texas congressional district.  Our congressman, is Mike Conaway, now enering his 11th year, is an accountant who was an associate of W when he lived in Midland.  He is our ghost congressman but a secure one, sometimes in the past he ran unopposed as he did this time.

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Paul Driessen presents a fine essay by Ms. Barton

Mary Kay Barton writes about the wind scammers.

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Domestic and foreign thugs are on march and we are on the run

George Neumayr writes about things from a religious point of view–so he can’t help but give a moral coloring to the Ferguson race riot debacle.

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Holy cow, eliminate multiple choice tests? Scaaaaary

I have been taking multiple choice tests all my life, and I am pretty good at it.

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Race war brewin’? If it occurs there will be a news slant and bias

Colin Flaherty started covering black on white street violence and flash mob, knock out game stuff more than a year ago.  He was struck by the refusal of the MSM to cover.  Racialism is the reason.

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