Cork Hayden, PhD on the Mass Hysteria

As you recall, Massachusetts and 4 or 5 other states entered into a collusive suit with the EPA claiming that green house gasses–Carbon Dioxide the most important, were causing havoc.

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Ozone regs never make sense–but they cost a bunch

Report on the cost of ozone regs–this round. Previous rounds were expensive too.

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More on patient safety– part 3–hospital acquired infections

Well this is very opportune, ACSH comments on a Brit study that questions hospital methods for reducing the acquisition or transmission of infections.

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Stuart Yudofsky on Personality Disorders

Yudofsy is a Prof of Psychiatry at Baylor Med in Houston.

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Global warming STOP to last another 15 years, says Science mag study

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It’s about something

Ms. McCarthy is now saying that the Clean Power Plan is not about climate. Continue reading

NOT MUCH: Summary of what other countries are doing on climate

What are 34 other major CO2 emitters representing two-thirds of non-U.S. emissions doing on climate? Find out here.