Doom and gloom from the World Bank

A global temperature rise of 1.5°C is a lock.  Droughts, sea level rise and coral reef destruction is assured.  Continue reading

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Do we get refunds on the carbon indulgences?

Now afforestation (planting trees) may increase global warming.  Continue reading

The BPA Paradox – Too Many Studies?

Find out why were not learning anything about BPA despite ever-growing amounts of research on the chemical. Continue reading

One word changes the meaning

The headline says more than 2/3  of U. S. capacity from wind in October.  They left out the word “new.” Continue reading

Paul Driessen teams up with David Legates, great meteorologist

Doesn’t get any better.

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Game 7 of the World Series is a better choice

Low turnout to a sea level rise workshop is blamed on Game 7 of the World Series.  Continue reading

Joe Herring warns of Islamist terrorists setting up a propaganda shop in the Heartland

I lived in the Midwest all of my youth and into my 30s, except for one year of internship in New York at Harlem Hospital, a great experience at 135th and Lenox.

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