ACSH supports Dr. Enstrom, Board member

I certainly have no objection. Thanks ACSH.

I am a member of the ACSH Policy and Advisory panel, when I disagree with them it’s a point of order not a sign of departure.

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Renewable Border Wars

North Dakota’s Public Service Commission refuses charges from higher cost renewable electricity from Minnesota. Continue reading

Energy storage by rail

Roll the train cars up the hill and when you need electricity, roll them back down the hill.  Continue reading

EPA Miscreants Beale and Brenner

The Minority Staffers on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee issued a report on the Beal/Brenner/EPA Scandal.

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Tobacco as the next biofuel?

Is this under the what are they really smoking category? Continue reading

Sea level rise and public infrastructure

How to use sea level rise to push for more spending on infrastructure.  Probably federal, not local. Continue reading

Jenny McCarthy and RFK Jr: Ohio State Univ is calling you… Mumps outbreak

Even though we root for Ohio State’s opposition, we
still feel pity for anyone who’s listened to Jenny and RFK.
There are now over 200 confirmed cases of Mumps in
the Ohio State campus area, including Columbus, Ohio. Continue reading