Further to the Beth Israel Deaconess story

Please allow me to connect some dots here. In this piece, we exposed the firing of a tenured, well-respected physician (also on the Harvard Med faculty) because he quietly spoke out on the health dangers of the gay lifestyle. Continue reading

A bad encyclical by a bad pope–time to repair the ignorance

Here is Paul Driessen’s kind and respectfull treatment of what I would call stupid.

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Help me out here–there is a new interest in Nukes?

I am just a simple man, and I know what works and what panders to all kinds of silly preferences.

Here is a sensible power and energy project–Nukes.

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Land grabber bamster designates 3 monuments for set aside.

So my question has always been why are these enviro actions by arrogant tyrants always considered by RINOs as irreversible? why didn’t W just say–Clinton monument is no longer a monument.

A gutsy successor should come in and reverse all this crap–all the way back to the Grande Escalante by Clinton late in his presidency, setting aside a great area for low sulfur exploration and coal production.

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Jo Nova on carbon dioxide sequestration

This is here usual fine dissertation.

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Hard to guarantee “organic”

So organic foods aren’t so pristine–big deal, it’s still just food with a trace of chemicals, like the mainstream food.

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HIV in drug users–the story in Indiana reveals

HIV has always had a special status because it is associated with homosexuals, but this is about the problem of ideology getting in the way of public health.