Gates asserts the obvious–wind and solar are stupid

He admits nuke is a good energy source, but he advocates for research and development–why doesn’t he look into whether there is any risk at all from CO2?

Doesn’t he have good researchers available to him?

Homeopathy gets a new monniker

I like to use things that work–I’m funny that way–so if a drug is alleged to be effective and then proven–I use it.

I then observe the beneficial effects and monitor the outcome adn results–basic empirical stuff.

How can homeopathy claim to produce magical effects–well placebo effects are real, and confirmation bias is real too. Voodoo is real too.

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Climate change to stunt pink salmon?

Well, it might if it acts like lab studies.  Continue reading

Dr. Schwartz on aspartame opponents–knock out

No cure for chemophobes, even if you win the argument, remember obsessive complusives need soemthing to fear and avoid–the world is a scary place.

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Corals adapting to warming–zatso?

Well if warming is a problem, where is it, and adaptation?

How many deceits involved in the research report?
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Video: Milloy pops EPA’s science bubble at Cato Institute — EPA lying about airborne particles killing people

Watch Steve Milloy’s 38-minute dismantling of the Obama EPA’s most important junk science-based assumption — that fine particles from power plants kill people. Continue reading

Andrew McCarthy, Thomas Sowell and Ben Sasse on the SCOTUS decisions

And the way forward?

McCarthy, former fed prosecutor–and the con law issues:

Sasse, Freshman Senator from Nebraska–Oligarch who, like most ruliing class people, accepts the agit prop that the healthcare system was broke and needed to be fixed with a big plan–he wants a lite form of central planning, being a planner type:

Thomas Sowell offers a pie in the sky fix–choose good judges–from the lawyer/judge oligarchy–come on Thomas–the nomination and confirmation process prevents your solution from working, only a small number in the political class–already margiinalized, is confirmed in the idea of limited constitutional government: