Europe has no excuse for conceding to anti Semitism.

Shame on them, for there lack fo fortitude in the face of muslim aggression.
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Endovascular repair is safer

Well, that makes sense–big open repairs disrupt the anatomy and cause more tissue damage, so if you can repair a blood vessel from the inside–voila!

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Hypocrisy on the left of me, hypocrisy on the right–censorship by fanatics

I know Pat Michaels and David Legates–both honorable and intelligent scientists.

Who disagree with the arrogant warmers

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Let’s just remember Mount Sinai has the monopoly

So the ACSH reports on the ongoing saga that is the WTC disaster, and now, like Agent Orange, and Gulf War Syndrome, a cottage industry of medical care and advocacy has developed.

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Wanna reduce suicides–make people happy and content

Now here is a no brainer. A large cohort of men (most high risk group) has a lower risk of suicide if they have family and social support.

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Another CO2 causes asthma

The incoming president of Physicians for Social Responsibility thinks so. Continue reading

Matt Ridley: Realistic roundup of renewables

Bob Greene:

Renewable energy summarized very nicely

Originally posted on Tallbloke's Talkshop:

Matt Ridley article for the Times, reposted from the GWPF, because as many people as possible need to read it and think. Then act by using your vote sensibly.

Date: 28/07/14 Matt Ridley, The Times

wind-costsIf wood-burning power stations are less eco-friendly than coal, we are getting the search for clean energy all wrong
On Saturday my train was diverted by engineering works near Doncaster. We trundled past some shiny new freight wagons decorated with a slogan: “Drax — powering tomorrow: carrying sustainable biomass for cost-effective renewable power”. Serendipitously, I was at that moment reading a report by the chief scientist at the Department of Energy and Climate Change on the burning of wood in Yorkshire power stations such as Drax. And I was feeling vindicated.

A year ago I wrote in these pages that it made no sense for the consumer to…

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