Exclusive Report from UCLA: Michael Mann stunned when asked about Nobel prize fakery

Here is an exclusive and detailed account of the UCLA Hammer Museum event featuring hokey stick inventor Michael Mann. —>

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Sure, Gina, everyone wants higher electricity bills.

McCarty says the public is tired of the climate debate.  Continue reading

So this NYC physician is your usual dumb ass hippie savior to the world and he exposed his girlfriend.

Doctors without borders is your typical bullshit lib organization. They think because they have good intentions they are special.

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Autism linked to air pollution?

Science 2.0 debunks linkage of autism with air pollution.   Continue reading

Models that don’t agree with observations are valid?

Arctic process models that don’t agree with each other or observations are valid, but stress the need for more data. I think that’s what NASA is saying. Continue reading

Hospital owned Medical Groups more expensive than physician owned–surprise?

Bureaucracies are more inefficient and costly.

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New York Times, can we talk junk journalism and why anyone would read such a rag?

Humberto Fantova, expert on Commies and tyrannies in the Western Hemisphere, discusses the complicity and collusion of the major commie newspaper in America–the NYTimes. The only thing more disgusting is that the NYT is in the bag for Muslims against the Jews and Israel.

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