Stunning Video: EPA chief says she doesn’t know what the climate models say

Back to Saturday night baths or cold showers?

Your shower wastes huge amounts of water and energy and it’s up to you to save the planet, or something.  Continue reading

Coffee, again. Drink up this time

A new study claims that moderate use of coffee will prevent a number of diseases.  So, drink up until they find another study saying coffee is not good for you.  Continue reading

Admission that the Clean Power Plan claims are overstated?

McCarthy testified that electrical reliability would be dealt with through waivers or something.  Continue reading

Radical Left finds solace in that Netanyahu ONCE expressed concern about climate change

But has Israel reduced emissions? Continue reading

Renewable crony capitalism?

A billionaire is working to get a 2% renewable mandate for fuel oil in New York.  Continue reading

Nice guy: Roger Pielke Jr. touts warmist defense of him at Willie Soon’s expense

Warning: Never share a foxhole with Roger Pielke Jr. Continue reading