4 thoughts on “Peabody coal’s contrarian scientist witnesses lose their court case”

  1. What a sad day for society. Spencer, Happer and Lindzen are good scientists, but society is now controlled by propaganda artists, including the branch of government some viewed as the last hope for society – the judicial system.

  2. Far too many Administrative Court “Judges” are shyster attorneys who have enough political connections to be able to get an appointment to a cushy position where they can slurp from the public trough.

  3. Obviously, “The Guardian” is using this post as a surreptitious means of getting me to click on their website. ALL the links above direct to “The Guardian”. I’m simply pointing out some FACTS. A “reasonable social cost of carbon” is an arbitrary construct, a social FICTION. I don’t want to see “globalization” imposed by a bunch of commie-socialist greenies, anymore than I want to see “globalization” imposed by the “GREG B.’s” – the Global Ruling Elites & Global Banksters. Both the so-called “right” & “left” want to restrict human freedom, one by corporate economic means, the other by imaginary “social good”. Both require large, centralized, domineering Governments. Without wasting more time than I choose to, I have no way of judging how “good” Dr.’s Spencer, Happer, & Lindzen are….

  4. Claims they were not paid for their work “on this case”.

    I will bet they already were paid through government and foundation grants for their ‘science’, and their testimony was essential to keeping the $ flowing. The expert-witnesses were thus actually the plaintiffs in this case.

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