Dingell calls Supreme Court ‘stupid’ for allowing EPA to regulate CO2

Clean Air Act co-author John Dingell says Congress did not intend for EPA to regulate carbon dioxide under the Clean Air Act. Dingell says the authors didn’t think the Court was ‘stupid enough’ to think otherwise. Boy, were they wrong. The video clip is from a Jan 28, 2014 House hearing.

2 thoughts on “Dingell calls Supreme Court ‘stupid’ for allowing EPA to regulate CO2”

  1. Wait until the EPA suddenly “remembers” that the Clean Air Act sets Major (PSD) Sources at 250 tpy, not 75,000 tpy and wants everyone to pony up with minor (<100 tpy), Title V (100-249 tpy) or PSD permit applications.

  2. If you had put language into your legislation preventing action without oversight, this would not happen.
    Administrative law is a runaway train in this nation and it needs to be derailed.

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