Carbon Prices Drop — Despite EU Vote to Prop Up Prices

The EU would argue that the manipulation worked since the price didn’t drop to zero.

From the Wall Street Journal:

European lawmakers Tuesday backed changes to revitalize the credibility of the Continent’s flagship climate-change program, but uncertainty over the next step meant the vote failed to provide a hoped-for boost to carbon prices.

The Parliament’s Environment Committee agreed in a vote to approve a delay in auctioning permits to emit 900 million metric tons of carbon dioxide on the Continent’s Emissions Trading System. This delay, known as back-loading, is an effort to reduce an oversupply of emissions allowances that has pushed prices down to a level where experts say they no longer stimulate investment into clean energy.

One thought on “Carbon Prices Drop — Despite EU Vote to Prop Up Prices”

  1. Horse Meat Prices Drop.

    Scams have a tendency to be found out in the end.

    Will the EU Vote to Prop Up Horse Meat Prices?

    At least with the horse meat scandal something real was traded, on the other hand carbon trading is a non existent fairy that keeps on giving.

    Carbon trading is white collar theft from the public at large.

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