Climate Horror: Butterflies move toward Massachusetts

Swallowtails… are they man-eating?

“Butterflies from the southern US that used to be rare in the northeast are now appearing there on a regular basis. The trend correlates to a warming climate report the authors of a paper in Nature Climate Change.” Read more at Mother Jones.

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4 responses to “Climate Horror: Butterflies move toward Massachusetts

  1. Come on, you know any creature in nature that shows up in new territory is a sign of the apocalypse. I look forward to the day this is applied to humans–AAAAHHHHHHH people moved to North Dakota or Florida. We’re doomed. Climate change will kill us all.

  2. Has Bloomberg banned them yet?

  3. “Swallowtails… are they man-eating?”

    Maybe they are TIGER swallowtails.

    Swallowtails will follow the milkweed.

  4. Where is Alfred Hitchcock ? He has to make “The Butterflies.”

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