NO… Trump election not associated with uptick in premature births by US Latina Women

More political science from the American Medical Association. Takes us back to January 1999 when we got then-JAMA editor George Lundberg fired for trying to influence Bill Clinton’s Senate trial with a ‘study’ reporting that oral sex isn’t sex.

Forgetting about always dubious data quality int these sorts of studies, here are the ridiculous results purporting to show a slight uptick in premature births by US Latinas following the election.

Here is the conclusion:

But if you step back and look at the larger picture, you find there is nothing out of the ordinary — just normal fluctuation in premature birth incidence.

The political science, here, is trying to blame President Trump for a normal uptick within the normal variation. Pure junk science.

Below is a description of what happened to the JAMA editor in 1999:

As in 1999, the present study is another vile attempt to weaponize a medical journal for use in politics. We have had problems before with current JAMA editor Howard Bauchner (here and here). We’d say he needs to go, but he’d just be replaced by some other political scientist. So instead, we applaud Howard Bauchner for contributing to the validation of

The study abstract is below. The study is here. The editorial is here.