Exposed: Harvard prof offers US EPA employees ‘royal hospitality’ to help get $10 million contract from Kuwait EPA

Does an e-mail obtained by reveal an attempted bribe (is there another word?) to EPA employees for helping Harvard get a lucrative Kuwaiti contract?

Harvard’s Petros Koutrakis offered ‘royal hospitality’ to US EPA employees who help him get a $10 million contract from the Kuwait EPA.

The e-mail is below.

For background:

  • Petros Koutrakis is a co-author of the infamous June 2017 New England Journal of Medicine study that we asked the Office of Research Integrity to investigate for research misconduct.
  • Robert Devlin is one of the EPA scientists behind the agency’s illegal air pollution experiments on humans.

BTW, the e-mail says the scheme is ‘very confidential’… so… SHHHHHH.

Not surprisingly, the EPA employees were “honored” to be offered “royal hospitality.”

UPDATE: Koutrakis has indicated by e-mail to that the Kuwait deal fell through. Apparently, Harvard could not accept some of the Kuwaiti contract terms. Still, we wonder what EPA employees volunteered (in vain) for the “royal hospitality” offered.