NEJM editor Drazen gets $468,000 government grant while attacking Trump with bogus PM2.5 study

Wonder how many researchers can get away with publicly attacking the President and get a federal grant at the same time?

NEJM editor Jeffrey Drazen has decided to risk his and his journal’s reputations to defend air quality lies coming from the Harvard-based EPA air quality mafia. Game on.

Here’s the grant to Drazen. Note the dates.

Here is Drazen’s attack (w/excerpt) on Trump in the June 29, 2017 New England Journal of Medicine, where Drazen is editor-in-chief:

Are Drazen’s attack and grant related? I don’t know, but it sure is interesting. Keep in mind that the PM2.5 study in question was also partly funded by NIH.

In 1994, my research group, the Regulatory Impact Analysis project, was refused further Department of Energy funding by the Clinton administration for publishing a report concluding that federal environmental policy was determined more by politics than science. Has the federal government become that much more tolerant of critics?