NYTimes praises murderous Lenin for environmentalism

I suppose Lenin’s Bolshevik terror was just Earth-friendly population control.

And nary a mention of Lenin’s terror in the NYTimes op-ed.

Read the entire op-ed.

Imagine what the op-ed author Fred Strebeigh of Yale University and the NYTimes think of Hitler who was not only an environmentalist, but an anti-smoking vegetarian.

12 thoughts on “NYTimes praises murderous Lenin for environmentalism”

  1. I was mistaken to believe that Mohammedans were the first greens. After all, they discovered America. Didn’t they? sarc off.

    “Why the Russians conceived the Global Warming Scam” aim-dot-org

  2. re Mossyrock’s comment: actually it was millions of Ukrainians that the Holodomor killed AND it was the New York Times’ Moscow Bureau Chief, Walter Duranty, who whitewashed Stalin’s atrocities and the resultant genocide. So, apparently, Duranty’s legacy continues at the NYT in glorifying the USSR.

  3. “keeping free a few vast landscapes on this planet where humans do not tread.”

    Pretty much says it all. Stalin, Hitler, Mao and many other mass murderers have greatly advanced the cause of radical environmentalism by systematically relieving the planet of millions of humans who might otherwise have burdened nature with their footprints. Unfortunately when taken to extremes there would not be any humans left to appreciate the wonder of such achievements. This is the humophobic core of what has become the modern radical environmental movement, which ignores the very obvious truth that real world experience shows us: when human society reaches a comfortable and stable level of development it reduces its footprint on nature and will act to preserve the wonder of nature without the need for mass atrocities to decimate large populations of our brothers and sisters.

  4. Wow, I can’t believe that someone would publish anything on this scale of stupidity and ignorance. Anyone, who is somewhat familiar with environment in the former USSR knows that the biggest environmental disasters came just from that country. Anybody heard of Aral Sea disaster? I would put Chernobyl on that category, too, and that disaster killed most likely a couple of 100 thousand people! NYT is so pathetic in these days, it’s truly unbelievable!

  5. Not to forget Stalin’s creation of the Holodomor in 1930s in Ukrane, where imposition of ever greater wheat quotas starved thousands of Ukranians.

  6. And no mention of the Aral Sea, once the world’s fourth largest lake? Thanks to the Soviets, it is now 10% of its original size, and is considered one of the world’s worst ecological disasters.

    The idea that the Soviet Union led the world in terms of environmentalism is dangerously deluded.

  7. Lenin as environmentalist?

    Well, there has been more improbable ‘rehabilitation’ in the Soviet period. Lenin actually instituted the first of the 5 year industrialization plans which would lead to massive damage to Russia’s environment as well as massive suffering to the USSR peoples.

    Lenin may have designated set asides but many of these areas were also where the Gulag camps were established. For those who like to point to American Imperialism these Lenin preserves were in areas that were grabbed by first Russians then the Soviets from their native population.

    The NYT naturally ignored the entire American Consevation movement started by concerned hunters such as Theodore Roosevelt and development of our Parks.

    The NYT being the NYT I expect a series of pro Stalin article next.

  8. Sam – It is very obviously an arm of the deep state and they have money (yours) to burn!

  9. I thought the NYT had reached the bottom, and I am always proven incorrect. How can this yellow rag continue without subscriptions and classified revenues?

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