Major study finds NO association between PM2.5 and death

My California study is finally published. Includes all 2+ million deaths in California from 2000-2012. Debunks all $600 million of EPA PM2.5 junk science.

The newly pubbed Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology version is here.

You can read the original version for free here.

For the inside story behind the study, read “Scare Pollution: Why and How to Fix the EPA.”

8 thoughts on “Major study finds NO association between PM2.5 and death”

  1. You’re dead right, Owen….
    ‘according to the logic presented here you can smoke them for a lifetime’ ……
    Just like: ‘Any car will last a lifetime if you drive it fast enough’
    In case you didn’t notice……..
    This statistical analysis examined claims that PM inhalation at present-day concentrations can kill almost immediately, i.e. within a matter of hours………
    It found NO association with [PM] and death rate in any short-term scenario.
    1. USEPA attempts to show short-term harm from high [PM] by exposing ‘volunteers’ to diesel exhaust fumes failed spectacularly (and illegally.)
    2. Here in NZL it has been clearly established that life-expectancy in our ‘most polluted’ city is at least as long as that in our ‘least-polluted’ city……..
    The same null result has been shown elsewhere and that is why the anti-PM fanatics have tried (and failed) to show short-term dangers of PM inhalation….

  2. The report states that it could not find any immediate increase in deaths following increase in ozone or particle pollution.

    The danger from this type of pollutant is over long term exposure.
    A bit like cigarette smoke. Smoke one and it will not kill you. If you only somoke at weekends then these authors would state that there is no correlation if there is not a peak of lung cancer deaths on a Sunday.
    So therfore according to the logic presented here you can smoke them for a lifetime!

  3. What can the PEOPLE do. The New York Times and CNN spread LIES in support of Democrat Corruption. The Party is now responsible for shootings! they are demanding anarchy! the removal of Trump to stop the jailing of Obama, Holder and Lynch?

  4. I am an air pollution engineer. I did a calculation once that showed the EPA PM2.5 limit is so strict it is equal to smoking 1/2 a cigarette in a building, if I recall, 20 ft x 100 ft with 10 foot ceilings. The ozone standard is even more ridiculous.

  5. @Jake “fake science” comes to mind. The left tends to brand everything they don’t like as “fake”…
    And maybe “but look at the concensus”…

  6. It will be interesting to see what EPA and CARB have to say about the Cornell study. Trump may have a few words with the EPA if they don’t adjust their policies on PM2.5 and ozone.

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