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  1. Sandy, thanks for the link to that excellent article. You expressed the argument perfectly. That’s why even the mildest, most innocent sounding government intrusion must be resisted. They will simply use it as an opening wedge to drive more extensive government controls down our collective throats. Sites like are vitally important because the arguments advanced for most forms of control are commonly based on the worst kind of junk science.

  2. What Lomborg Leaves Out
    “Danish author Bjorn Lomborg has articulated one of the most compelling arguments against the agenda of the climate alarmists – not by denying climate change, but by demonstrating how wasteful all government attempts are to control it….The answer is that governments view the climate “crisis” as an excuse to increase revenues, not as a means of halting climate change itself….No politician, once he gains power, wishes to reduce the scope of his own power. The climate change agenda by spending on green energy, taxing carbon, and regulating emissions, governments gain a stranglehold on the energy sector – and with it they gain the power to redirect spending to constituencies and extract contributions from lobbyists. In many cases, government officials engage in outright corruption; their control of the energy sector makes possible graft on an enormous scale…”

    (P.S. Glad to know you’re okay!)

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