4 thoughts on “UK beach trip canceled due to sunshine”

  1. If I had to go somewhere with 210 children, make it the beach. Maybe sharks will peel off some of the little farts for me.

  2. So the US is not the only country whose ‘dumbing down’ of Education has reached into the ranks of the administrators.

  3. I encourage everyone to participate and invite climatologists, cosmologists, nuclear and solar physicists, politicians, sociologists, leaders, and history buffs to participate in the London GeoEthics Conference on 8-9 Sept 2016:

    My paper will be a tribute to Paul K. Kuroda’s (1917-2001) 1945 insight on the BEGINNING OF THE WORLD:


    I will reply to questions, comments, criticisms and/or corrections at the meeting or before. A seemingly tiny error in Dr Carl von Weizsacker’s
    nuclear binding energy equation isolated society from reality after WWII.

    Hope to see you in London.

    With kind regards,

    Oliver K. Manuel


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