13 thoughts on “107 Nobel laureates sign letter blasting Greenpeace over GMOs”

  1. Excellent point, Pamela. We eat an immense number of foreign genes. To date, I don’t know of any evidence that anyone has acquired horns from a bull, feathers from a chicken, gills from a fish, chlorophyll from broccoli, or any other less-ridiculous gene-driven feature.

    We also walk in fields full of foreign genes, breathe air loaded with foreign genes, and swim in water loaded with foreign genes.

    The ONLY way foreign genes are transmitted to people (that I know of) is via retroviruses.

  2. I do not understand how people think GMO food is going to hurt them. It is mind boggling to me. Genes for vitamins don’t suddenly leap out of the plant tissue while it is being digested in a harsh acid environment in your gut and then suddenly insert themselves into cells and then into the human genome, get transcribed and translated and then produce more vitamin A. That is not biology, that is fear mongering. Are people afraid they might get too much vitamin A or something?

  3. The nice thing about environmental leftists is that die just like us; but, they are consistently bitter when finally acknowledging their own mortality.

  4. Precisely, the whole statement doesn’t carry any weight. So because someone wasn’t able to prove that the their heart condition was due to an apple they ate years ago means GMO is all completely safe and beneficial for society? Please describe to me a scenario where one could prove to have had a negative effect from consuming one piece of GMO product? It’s complete absurdity of the highest degree.

  5. And the red-colored sentence means: so far, the FBI has not receipted any report re attacking on certain people, thus, the terrorism is safe.

  6. “Monsanto has not been up front about the facts” Sounds awfully subjective to me. Especially in “the absence of credible scientific authority”.

  7. Edward Butt, retired Agricologist
    July 1, 2016

    I would wish that the environmental leftist would get a life and take serious scientific review of this effective and very valuable herbicide. The herbicide, Glyphosate, has been studied to no end. It is very safe to use and widely used by farmers around the world.
    It is not dumped on GMO crops has claimed by the scientific illiterate eco leftist. The application on GMO crops such as Canola and Soybeans is approx 0.6-.7 liters per hectare. On conventional a old hayfield or pasture which will be renovated for a new field crop will require up to 8 liters per hectare to control grasses and perennial weeds.
    Edward Butt,
    Retired Agricologist

  8. ” But Monsanto has not been up-front about the facts (dangers of glyphosate ?) ” Well since no such dangers have been ever causally linked to health i guess monsanto didn’t need to.

  9. The Church of Leftism will not lose one minute of sleep over the deaths of people that cannot vote for the Democrat party.
    They have been proving that for decades as they let millions die despite proof that DDT is not unsafe.

    (Just like glyphosate)

  10. Perhaps this is simply another effort of some vast Left-wing conspiracy against minorities.

    Eliminate GMOs, kill lots of minorities. High minimum wages eliminate entry level jobs that are particularly important for minorities. Welfare laws encourage destruction of poor families, which hits minorities harder. Emphasis of historical black victimhood at the expense of moving towards integration into the wider society suppresses economic potential. Widespread abortion kills minorities at a 3-4x rate than whites.

    Just off-the-cuff examples; some may be weak, and there are undoubtedly more. The “conspiracy” comment is tongue in cheek, but the effects of Leftist policies are definitely harmful to minorities.

  11. It is really moot because so many food items are GMO that it will never be undone. But Monsanto has not been up-front about the facts (dangers of glyphosate ?) about which the GMO targets are. That is really the problem. But the absence of credible scientific authority is a global problem.

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