4 thoughts on “EPA Chief: US Quickly Phasing Out Coal for Clean Energy”

  1. Steel making also requires carbon which now comes from carbon-rich coal.

    Will we also phase out the USA steel industry?

  2. There is a report that China has discovered that erratic wind power is damaging their grid, and much power is being wasted. Peak supply does not line up with peak demand, and the capacity to store gigawatts of power simply does not exist. They will stop building wind power generators in certain regions.
    Evidently there is an practical limit set by engineering considerations to what proportion of the power supply can be provided by wind.

  3. What lying limousine leftist nonsense that all is.
    Liars like McCarthy are the reason for Donald Trump’s rise.

    What “market” is she talking about?
    The one where taxpayers are robbed to pay for energy sources which are not sustainable without taxpayers money propping them up?
    It’s quite the opposite, the real market does not support it.

    If the “incentives” (taxpayers cash) are not needed then why have them?

    The other forms of energy generation are largely already in place, so of course these absurd inefficient other forms are ‘2/3 of all NEW investments’. Investments which would not happen without stealing from taxpayers.

  4. Then there are article such as this one:

    States which offered substantial taxpayer support for green energy pay a lot more for electricity, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis.

    The most notable examples of this trend were California and West Virginia. California had some of the nation’s highest power prices, paying 14.3 cents per kilowatt-hour, and had a whopping 183 policies offering support to green energy. In contrast, West Virginia had some of the nation’s cheapest power at 7.91 cents per kilowatt-hour and a mere 11 policies.

    Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/08/map-states-which-support-green-energy-have-higher-electric-bills/#ixzz48ATYEJ7n

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