7 thoughts on “Claim: Half of Donald Trump’s supporters believe in global warming”

  1. Right. Witchcraft & sorcery were “facts” as stated by popular consensus, by courts of law, via “confessions”, via “eyewitnesses”, and the great minds all over the world.

  2. R.S. Helms
    May 6, 2016 @ 12:36 PM
    I’m not in love with Trump either.
    I agree with you but it’s not just the US that has been screwed over.
    And it’s not just the CAGW lies.
    It’s our southern border.
    It’s the Soviets in the Middle East.
    It’s China and North Korea.
    It’s government support for evil religious creep.
    It’s Benghazi.
    It’s kidnapping and slavery.
    It’s bombs.
    It’s beheadings.
    It’s the rape culture.
    It’s so many lies and the total failure of leadership.
    Could this be what drives Trump support?
    Could this be the new “Time for a Change”

    We need a third choice.
    I like Austin Petersen (L).
    It almost worked with Ross Perot but after the outsider interfered with how the election should go the DNC and the RNC learned to keep all other candidates off the debate stage.
    Until Gary Johnson wins the lawsuit against the Presidential Debate Committee there will never be a viable third party candidate.

  3. One of your better “Got-ya” headlines… nonetheless, I am a Trump supporter, and I do believe that Global warming is first, it is happening, secondly, although it is happening it is happening at a snail’s pace, and the minuscule amount that sums up the involvement of man and fossil fuel is not likely even on a realist’s list of dangers. Of course, we need to progress beyond fossil fuel, better for all concerned. However, simple wisdom would say changing over is a long slow process and more research and development should have been higher on the priority list in the mid-late sixties and should continue on, until we come up with a feasible, effective source of renewable ‘safe’ energy. What has happened for the past decade is that they have rushed the change-over at the expense of the common people of the United States. higher costs, escalating regulations putting oil and coal out of business…

  4. This illustrates why science relies on empirical verifiability through repeatable experiments, and not ‘polling’.
    The hidden flaw of polling lies in the selection of the sample to be interviewed, which is ALWAYS biased.
    Note how the responses to what should be a simple ‘scientific’ question depends greatly on the interviewee’s political leanings.
    All claims of consensus are sheer propaganda: Argumentum ad populum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Argumentum_ad_populum

  5. Perpetual motion machine dreams are nothing new. Today it is renamed as renewable energy. People remain delusional.

  6. How many people do you know who would have any objection whatsoever about leaving the coal, petroleum and natural gas in the ground by using more environmentally friendly alternatives energy sources to power our economic endeavors and our lives IF we had the science and technology with which the more environmentally friendly energy sources could be developed.

    With where we are scientifically and technologically currently, even electricity-generating wind mills and solar farms are dependent upon subsidies and other financial inducements that are being provided by governments using tax revenue that is generated by economic endeavors that are powered by energy that’s derived from coal, petroleum, natural gas, nuclear and hydro. Here we go loop-ta-loop.

    Perhaps the fantastical energy sources will someday become reality, it’s just that they’re not substantial and viable today. It is only the parasitoidic fascist politicians and their pet crony socialist so-called “capitalists” who are receiving benefits from today’s alternative energy programs.

  7. Once again, these investigators confuse consensus with science, and validity.
    Polling often doesn’t work with politics and never with science.

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