AP FACT CHECK: Bringing Coal Jobs Back to Appalachia

Except the AP’s facts don’t really check.

The fracking boom has made natural gas price competitive with coal… not less expensive. But given the anti-coal pressure on utilities from the Obama administration via EPA rules, utilities are switching from coal to gas where possible.

From the AP:

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3 thoughts on “AP FACT CHECK: Bringing Coal Jobs Back to Appalachia”

  1. Smoke and mirrors…
    The equipment for using coal is not the same as the equipment for using gas. It’s not as easy as switching from pure gasoline to 10% gasohol. The decline is coal is driven simply by the artificially inflated price of coal, thanks to the EPA. Coal-using companies that can no longer afford to use coal must shut down. Those that don’t must raise the price of their product to stay in business.
    Here in Texas we have a huge copper refinery that uses a LOT of electricity, provided by a dedicated coal-fired power plant. Thus the price of copper is also driven by the EPA’s draconian cost increases on coal.

  2. When the curtain kid finally pulled, everyone will know: Globalists became “consensus scientists” after WWII out FEAR nuclear energy might be uncontrollable and annihilate the world and humanity (E = mc^2).

    After 1945 National Academies of Sciences became Orwellian Ministries of Scientific (UN)Truths,” hiding truth with “Standard Models of Atoms, Stars, Cosmos & Climate”, including even information indelibly recorded in rest masses of the 3,000 types of atoms that compromise all matter. See Figures 1a, 1b and 1c:

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10640850/Solar_Energy2.pdf or


    97% consensus scientific support for “Standard Models of Atoms, Stars, Cosmos & Climate” is 100% BULL SHIT !

  3. Hard to have any meaningful coal production when the EPA has shut down all the coal generating plants with onerous requirements imposed for continued operation.. Shut down the EPA instead, and let coal users start back up, and the demand will instantly return.

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