2 thoughts on “US set for intergenerational ‘trial of the century’”

  1. America needs tort reform where the loser in a lawsuit pays. That would put an end to our overabundance of JD’s (AKA smegging lawyers) and frivolous lawsuits being filed.

  2. Like the “deniers” being threatened, the Government needs to be ordered to stop pushing “climate change and global warming” until the science is proven either way, by removing it from the “first” priority of the Obama– UN agenda” would be a big help in developing renewable energy sources. It would save the Taxpayer monies, and keep the US — UN honest and transparent in good science and research. As it is the “Secrete Science” of the EPA and UN is just feeding the greenies rant, and stupidity over something that is not a “proven” science, and when the globalists realize they have been suckered by the UNs drive engine for the Agenda 21/30 we can get back to protecting our sovereignty and our nation. Above all the US welfare must come first in all cases. And it really puzzles me that these supposed to be intelligent people are so blinded and used, that they cannot step back and look at what is really happening to our nation on these liberals road to a false promise of utopia.

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