3 thoughts on “Senate GOP to Subpoena EPA Chief in Colorado Mine”

  1. We NA’s may not have started the ‘bald look’, the French did, but we can sure make others worry about their hair when they become such hypocrites as the EPA has proven itself.
    Sure, our border patrol wasn’t the best in 1492, but we’ve learned our lesson.

  2. All of the Tribal Councils are really “upset” [a complete understatement] over this completely avoidable situation.
    I was traveling in the area when the blowout happened and was in Silverton a couple of weeks after. At that time the outflow from the formation was still more than 3 times what it was before the barrier was breached.
    Locals that were intimately familiar with the local geology warned the EPA “Don’t poke at the Dragon”. The arrogant bureaucrats and their out of the area workers ignored the advice and cautions of those best able to assess and most familiar with the situation, to the detriment of the whole drainage of the Rio de Los Animas and the Colorado River.
    Information from this hearing will probably be used by the Navajo and other Tribal Councils to go after the responsible EPA officials under Tribal Law. Since they are Sovereign Nations the immunities these D.C. Bureaucrats are used to hiding behind will be null and void.
    Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch of arrogant incompetents.

  3. The EPA may be able to get elected and appointed officials to fall in line, but Native Americans are a different matter!

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