7 thoughts on “Navy to Require Climate Change Reporting From Vendors”

  1. If we elect a Chief Executive with a desire to reduce the regulatory edministration across all agencies, especially this one and the EPA, and to roll back the draconian rules which have no mandate from the people, we can begin to see a growth again in Gross Domestic Product. That’s the kind of questions we need to have answers to from candidates running for the Presidency not to mention from the downballot candidates. We have to root them out of the agencies lest they lie dormant for a term or two and come roaring back when the idiot progressive voter enjoys a resurgence and puts their candidate in again.

  2. @Tom: there are those who feel that mental dwarfism is a qualification for promotion to a field grade officer rank (full colonel or above). Certainly the command ranks are filled with those who faithfully do the bidding of a micromanaging CIC with no military experience and who has never read Sun Tzu.

  3. I had not realized that in some environments mental dwarfism was communicable to the extent of becoming a debilitating epidemic — a threat to become pandemic, even.

  4. This is one of the reasons that Russian equipment overall is better and cheaper than the U.S. stuff.

    Just a thought.


  5. Instead of using the military as the military it is becoming an arm of the Left at the forcing of this Administration. At the same time as it is facing financial problems, it is using its money to pay for these ridiculous social justice mandates, which never make it through Congress.

  6. Many vendors have already decided not to do business with the Federal government – usually because receiving payment takes far too long. Others are opting out because of OSHA’s new SDS requirements, meant to comply with EU and UN rules, are too much for mom-and-pop business that deal in ‘substances’ like clearing supplies that need data sheets. The regulatory overburden grows like a cancer.

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