4 thoughts on “Claim: California Has Nation’s Dirtiest Air”

  1. The old anodyne “garbage in, garbage out” really applies here.
    Los Angeles has a near permanent inversion layer that acts like the lid of a pot preventing the air circulation patterns that most of the nation lives under. Nearly the same situation for the south end of the San Jouquin Valley where Bakersfield is located.
    When the “data” is adjusted for the natural background levels the “pollution” numbers fall right in line with most other areas.
    As was observed by Hank de Carbonel, both CARB and the ALA can’t be right.
    CARB started the current stampede of driving business out of California as soon as it was formed. It’s another bureaucratic agency that has far overstretched its reach and needs to be curtailed or at least cut back to its original chartered goals and permanently restricted to ~only~ those chartered objectives.

  2. Let’s Assume the ALA is correct, not a good idea. If they are correct what does that say for the agency who is charged with cleaning the air. After decades of self praise the CARB is an abject failure. The current chair has said the air is more than 99% cleaner, both the ALA and CARB cannot be correct. A responsible State government would dismantle the CARB because it has shown complete failure or the ALA is dead wrong, which is it? The demise of either would not be “premature”.

  3. California air quality is fine. No one is dying in California because of poor air quality. Those making claims should publicly post their data sets.

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