3 thoughts on “Bill introduced to stop courts from deferring to agencies on interpretations of law”

  1. Ghandi [I think it was], when asked his opinion about western democracy said: ‘I think it would be a good idea’

    We elect our legislatures to ‘run the country’, BUT NOT TO DELEGATE the running of the country………….

  2. The ‘Rule of Law’ is supposed to make the Law subject to Judicial review, always.
    It is foolish to relegate the interpretation of the legality of simple rules and regulations to the very agencies that promulgate them.
    That threatens the Rule of Law itself.

  3. This will never pass Congress since the Democrats use the courts and the Executive Agencies to get around a Congress that is busy delegating its responsibilities. That way, the Representatives and Senators can run against the bureaucrats while agreeing with them and ignoring the wishes of the voters while pretending to agree with them. It is all about retaining power and money. Even when thrown out of office these politicians just end up in lobbying or with some large firm doing business in DC, and making salaries in the millions based solely on their connections.

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