3 thoughts on “UN envoy warns of environmental activist murder ‘epidemic’”

  1. Who’s to say this reporter is not simply lying about the alleged murderers. That warmers lie is proven fact.

    And now that these folks are dead they are labeled ‘indigenous activists’, as if that’s special.

    Of course the truly indigenous peoples of Europe are called “xenophobic” for wanting to protect their cultures from lawless uncultured invaders.

  2. The majority of these were almost certainly disposed of by drug cartels (whether by their own goons or their government stooges).

    The remainder were probably killed by small farmers that (rightly) view them as terrorists that want to kill their children by starvation.

    In either case – good riddance.

  3. “Mother Nature” wanted them to be compost.
    Now they are.
    Their fellows should be glad that Mother Nature got what she wants.

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