7 thoughts on “Scientists Finally Admit Climate Models Are Failing To Predict Global Warming”

  1. when the models misrepresent some climate forces, parameterize others simply because they are not understood, omit others completely and cannot calculate to the required degree of precision what fool would expect a climate “model” to be accurate.

    as for the information supposedly withheld for seventy years; nuclear fission is not nuclear fusion.

  2. “Reality has deviated from our expectations.”

    A clear statement of the fact that these “scientists” have firmly grasped the wrong end of the stick.
    A ~real~ scientist would have stated it as ” Our expectations have deviated from reality.”
    But that would require them to admit that they have been wrong, their modeling is wrong, and therefore all the sturm and drang is wrong.
    It’s the old story of garbage in = garbage out.
    Reality has an inconvenient tendency to do what it wants, not what some observer with a faulty theory wants.

  3. No surprises here. Remember, these are the same kinds of people that were predicting the next ice age back in the late 1960s. People will say anything for research grant funding. However, they may be correct, we will know in about 800 years.

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