11 thoughts on “Hansen: All coastal cities gone in 50 years”

  1. I saw an article recently with Hansen’s predictions from the 1990’s. He predicted then that in 20 years the West Side of Manhattan would be underwater, etc. That has not happened, obviously.
    When it was pointed out how wrong he was, he declared that he would still say the same thing.
    Hansen got it right–nature got it wrong.

  2. Poppycock, pure unadulterated poppycock. I guess Hansen shouldn’t have been drinking the rocket fuel when he was at NASA.

  3. If we believe all the global warming hype, everything that we do will not stop the increase of global warming and the massive amount of money spent on trying to control emissions and ruining the economy of all industry… The money would have been better spent moving the cities inland. That would require saving for a rainy day and when they find out it’s the sun that drives the climate… we can spend all that money buying blankets for the homeless to address the mini- ice age that creeped in. Mother nature will do what mother nature does even before mankind was living in caves.

  4. Okay, just how many fossil fuel powered electrical generators, limousines, SUVs and jetliners did it take to produce the emissions that caused the temperature to increase to the level that it did during the previous inter glacial period? What? Do you reckon that any temperature increase that may be happening today could be just as much due to natural processes as a primary cause as it was with the rising temperatures that occurred 120,000 years ago?

    Do you realize that the parasitoidic federal government of this nation is by far the largest producer of greenhouse gasses of any entity on the planet? And then, additionally, there’s the abundance of hot air that they produce on an ongoing basis.

  5. Those coastal cities suffer from aquifer depletion and geological collapse. Not to mention tectonic plate subsidence.

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