5 thoughts on “Science magazine claims this is a photo of CO2”

  1. PP&L installed a wet scrubber to remove any ash emissions from their power plant at Glenrock WY. The stack only emitted steam and CO2. The anti-power crowd published pictures of it to “show how filthy emissions were being spewed into the air!” They claimed the pictures were of coal ash. Shameless liars.

  2. There really is a difference between a confabulator and a liar. One of them is likely to be afflicted with a mental illness whereas the other is someone of low or no integrity.

  3. I looked at the image of “carbon dioxide” and found it so absurd, that I just took my glasses off, put my head in my hands and groaned. If this is a typical example of “real facts”, and it seems to be more so than I like, then we are deeply submerged in a right royal mess.

  4. I really love the shots of nuclear cooling towers “spewing pollutants” into the air. I blame our incompetent educational (sic) system. It would appear that a really large percentage of the population are science ignoramuses.

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