4 thoughts on “Krugman: Planet on the ballot”

  1. “…and a Supreme Court that won’t stand in that presidents way.”
    So what if “that president”‘s plan is unconstitutional?
    No matter to this worm and his comrades.
    Krugman “won” his Nobel Prize for a paper he wrote 20+ years earlier. If it was so cogent why did it take over 20 years? Because he really was awarded for his political editorials. As with Gore and Obama ,too many Nobel’s are purely political.

  2. “As a card carrying economist”, I believe Krugman didn’t spell his description correctly.
    I believe he really meant “As a card carrying e-communist”.

  3. How can he be so f***ing stupid. He is suppose to be a Nobel laureate. Does he actually believe that we would still be riding horses if the Government hadn’t coaxed us into cars?

  4. Wow. If Krugman could see past his own nose, he would know that, (1) that beard looks ridiculous, and, (2) fossil and nuclear energy are the only economically viable forms of energy extant.

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