Federal Climatologist Slams Alarmist Federal Climate Report

“Analysis of the seasonality in heavy daily precipitation trends supports physical arguments that their changes during 1979-2013 have been intimately linked to internal decadal ocean variability, and less to human-induced climate change…”

From Cato.org:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.57.47 AM

One thought on “Federal Climatologist Slams Alarmist Federal Climate Report”

  1. For milliennia people have talked about the weather and tacitly conceded that nobody can do anything about it.
    Only in the last few years have people been deluded into thinking that we can actually *do* anything about the weather – other than adapt to it. They are beginning to recognize the error of their ways.
    I hope the recognition becomes widespread before the flim-flammers can manipulate them into parting with all their worldly goods with the promise of controlling the rain.

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